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Why you should never give a puppy as a Christmas present

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

As we get closer to the festive season, the number of puppy inquiries we are getting is steadily increasing (it's about 2 a day at the moment) and every now and again someone asks if we'll have puppies "ready" for Christmas.

Flattering that they consider us in such control of the breeding cycles of our dogs that we can arrange to have puppies conveniently ready for Santa tp collect them on Christmas Eve, but also worrying. Puppies are not presents and we do everything we can to dissuade potential owners from giving anyone a puppy as a suprise present, particualry a child.

Even if you've thought it through and everyone in the family is on board with a new puppy in the house, Christmas is the worst time of year to introduce a new member into the household. It's a hectic enough time for the family - imagine how overwhelming and stressful it would be for a tiny puppy suddenly finding themselves in a new an unfamilar enviroment.

Add travelling, everyone wanting to cuddle the new arrival, noise, excitment and chaos, going away for a few days to a different location... it's a recipe for diaster and setting your poor puppy up for a lifetime of anxiety and behavioural problems

A new dog is a major commitment. A Chihuahua puppy usually means committing to 15–20 years of care. Where is your 13-year-old who desperately wants a Chihuahua now, going to be in 10 years? Still caring for her adored puppy or on her OE and the dog is now yours and you're stuck with it, like it or not.

Without training and care, even the cutest puppies can develop behavioural problems. Puppies are cute, but they take time to house train, need puppy class, insurance and annual veterinary care, which you need to be sure the recipient of your adorabe gift is prepared and willing to undertake. The period after Christmas from January to March is peak period for pet owners giving away unwanted pets after the holidays.

Unless you're certain the family is ready for a new addition and you are able to introduce a puppy into its new environment in a careful and thoughtful way, the worst thing you can do is make some human happy for a day at the expence of a dog's lifetime of happiness.


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