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Sadly, Elfie has returned home

Kitaco Chihuahuas offers a full rehoming guarantee for all our pups but until now, thankfully, we've never been called upon to put the guarantee into action.

Sadly, the owner of a Kitaco pup passed away recently, after long battle with cancer. A loving owner who was only in her early 40's, Angeline was diagnosed with cancer just before lockdown in 2020 and given only a month to live. She fought hard, though, and managed to fight on for another 17 months before the battle became too much and she finally succumbed to her illness in September this year.

Angeline's family contacted us, when it became obvious that nobody in the family could provide Elfie with a suitable, long-term home, although they would love to have kept him, as he is a beloved member of their extended family,

Elfie has returned to us now and will stay with us and his original pack for as long as he needs, while we get to know him again, before looking for a special new home for him. He is very sweet, neutered, house trained and not yet three years old, so someone is going to be very lucky to welcome him into their family, once he's ready to be resettled.

Our hearts go out to Angeline's family. It is such a devastating loss for them and for poor Elfie too, who adored Angeline and must be wondering why mum hasn't come home.

If you'd like to make a donation in Angeline's memory to the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue, their Give-A-Little campaign page is here.


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