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Stunning Japanese Import, Bramver's Twilight, joins Team Kitaco

We are beyond thrilled to announce the arrival the adorable Flint (Bramver's Twilight.) who is joining Team Kitaco.

Flint is a stunning boy from the world-renowned Bramver's kennels in Japan and a cousin to our other boys, Narci and Ren, He's is already firm friends with Miso and Ren and we're sure it won't take long before he's being given a shift here at Kitaco as the Yard Guard***, LOL

Although Flint arrived in NZ last year, COVID and distance (Flint normally resides in the very bottom of NZ) have prevented this little stunner from getting to shows. We have admired this sweet little man since he landed in NZ, so we were honoured when his owner asked if we'd be willing to campaign him on her behalf as a member of Team Kitaco.

We were delighted to say yes and delighted to welcome Flint into our show team as an honarary member!

*** We've mentioned before how our dogs have organised into a Labour Union. They have a roster when it comes to the yard. Our dogs have free access all day to our yard, but even if all of them are inside snoozing, there is always one dog outside on duty. It's the Yard Guard's job to do the barking and warn the others if it's one of the family coming home (which gets a waggy tail) or a full-on "Stranger Danger" alert triggered by cars or people they don't know, bunnies or Luigi the Mafia Assassin Cat who came with our house. That's when they all run out and do the crazy Chihuahua barking thing. Whenver we have a new dog join us, even temporarily, you know they've been accepted into the pack if they are trusted with a shift as Yard Guard :)


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