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The Christmas Curse all Breeders Face

Well, another Christmas Eve, another 3 enquiries asking if we have puppies to pick up today for Christmas presents tomorrow... sigh.

We're are not the only breeders (or breed) getting these enquiries. It's the Christmas Curse for breeders of everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, kittens, rabbits and probably guinea pigs.

People want purebred puppies and they want purebed puppies NOW because they promised a child or want to impress a girlfriend... whatever!... but, sadly, there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there prepared to cater to this market. They are the ones who aren't bothered, apparently, by the fact that the new year is prime time for puppies given at Christmas to be surrendered at shelters.

These same unscrupulous breeders often give misleading information about pedigrees, papers and costs. With that in mind, we are happy to provide the following information, reprinted with permission from Trish Andrews from the

Pedigree Dogs (NZKC registered) In New Zealand Facebook group for anyone contemplating getting a puppy at any stage, who wishes to understand the correct process in buying a puppy from a legitimate registered breeder.

If you get a “purebred” pup from a “breeder”
You cannot register a pup if both parents are not registered with our governing body Eg Dogs NZ
If the breeder is not Dogs NZ registered in the first place and both parents are also not Dogs NZ registered you will Not EVER be able to achieve registration of the pup.
Do your homework FIRST.
There is no such thing as a reputable breeder “losing” the papers - I don’t care WHO they say they are or who they say their dogs are.
If you are unsure of the dog being PUREBRED then ask for their Dog NZ registered breeders' number FIRST.
Once you have that number, ring Dogs NZ and clarify if in fact they are financial members of Dogs NZ and if their kennel name is Dogs NZ registered If the breeder you are talking to is RELUCTANT to give you ANY of this information RUN A MILE!!
Please be WARNED tonite AND just in the last few days there have been TWO cases we are aware of where people purchasing have either been promised papers for their dog or been told by the breeder that they had “lost” the papers. This is complete rubbish and if you fall for this scam you deserve to be ripped off.


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