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Winning all over the place for Team Kitaco

Big couple of weeks for Team Kitaco both in NZ and Australia, as well as the debut of our new Smooth Coat.

The news from across the ditch is fabulous as our little Aussie star Stormy (Kitaco Storm Warning (Imp NZ)) took 3 Best of Breeds, Best Puppy of Breed and 3 Dog CCs as well as the Best Puppy of Group at the Coffs Harbour & District All Breeds Kennel Club Championship Shows in September. Way to go little man! Thanks to Irene and Jess and Jendrika Chihuahuas for the great job they are doing with Stormy who is looking more and more like his Daddy, Narci, every day.

Back in New Zealand, this weekend was the Waimakariri Kennel Association shows and the South Island debut of the Iceman, who we have decided to rename. Iceman implies a chill, cool little guy... not the overly-caffinated, full of beans. nut job who bounced around the ring in a haze of giddy excitement this weekend because OMG! THERE'S RABBIT POO IN THE GRASS AND IT IS AWESOME!!!

He did really well, taking the Best of Breed and Best Baby Puppy of Breed in Show 1 and then Reserve Best of Breed in Show 2 and 3 and Best Baby Puppy of Breed in both those shows as well.

Everyone was just in love with him, and someone commented that he was so full of confidence he reminded them of Mojo, the Chihuahua in the Transformers movie who is so unintimidated by anything in the world that he cocked his leg and pee'd on the robot, Ironside. That sounded so much like our boy that we decided Mojo was an excellent fit, so Mojo it is.

Meanwhile, in the Long Coats, Ava, Ben and Narci did us proud. We took 4 of the 6 CC's on offer, 1 Best of Breed, 3 Reserve Best of Breeds, 3 Best NZ of Breeds and 3 Open of Breeds., 3 Best Dogs, 3 Reserve Best Dogs, 1 Best Junior of Breed, 1 Best Bitch and 2 Reserve Best Bitches, which was a tidy haul for the gang. So proud of our team. They have so much fun at shows and just never let us down.

The new inflatable gazebo proved it's worth once again as the wind and the rain came down overnight, but the funniest thing was our allocated site was right on the hallowed ground of the notorious "Nuggetgate" meeting of 2017 (if you were there, you'll know what we're refering to, LOL). We had so many visitors admiring our Mojo Dogo Casa Kitaco that we should hit up Dwights Outdoors for a commission! Won't be long before everybody has one.


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