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2 Dogs, 2 Breeds, 2 Countries, 3 Shows, 3 Best of Breeds

What a weekend for Team Kitaco! Our Aussie import Pom killed it in NZ, while our NZ baby Chihuahua killed it in Australia!

Our darling boy, Andre (Kitaco's Taco Tuesday) seen above demonstrating his "I can walk myself" ring technique, scared away all the competition to take Best of Breed and Baby of Breed in the BABKC shows in Australia's national capital, Canberra on Saturday. Lisa and Andre make a fabulous team and we can't wait to see how he matures with her watching over him so well.

Here in NZ, not only did Chiquito (Ferona Won Exclusinve Edition (Imp Aus)) take 2 Best of Breeds, 2 Best of Dog of Breeds and 2 Dog CCs, he has now finally qualified as a NZ Champion, so - Dogs NZ approval pending of course - he will henceforth be known as NZ CH Ferona Won Exclusive Edition (Imp Aus).

Just a fabulous weekend all round, really and a lot less stress only showing one dog at a time instead of wrangling the whole team. The Chihuahuas will be back in the ring soon, as work committments ease up, because there are some exciting new dogs entering the ring soon and we can't wait to see how they go.

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