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Great results at the CKA

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Great weekend out at McLeans Island. Niki took Reserve Bitch on Saturday, coming in behind her grandmother, Lilly, still showing at 11 years old!

Narci took Open Dog, Niki also took Intermediate Bitch and Mexico took Reserve NZ Bred Dog.

On Sunday, Kitaco cleaned up with Narci taking the Dog CC and Best of Breed and Niki picking up the Bitch CC.

The baby girls, Misty and Fifi, each took a turn at Best Puppy Bitch, and showed beautifully so we are very happy with the whole team.

Mexico managed to hold up the entire show for a good five minutes in the Toy ring while he took a dump at the ring entrance while they were waiting on him to come in as reserve. That's our boy!

Winkles also came along as a spectator and to get cuddles from Nana Gloria. He totally lost it as we were packing up the car this morning, so there was no way he was staying home!

This will probably be Mexico's last All Breeds show as we concentrate getting the show team ready for Nationals. We'll be flying up to Auckland, so we'll only be taking Narci, Niki, Misty and of course, Fifi, who will finally be delivered to her new home and her very patient mother-in-waiting, Kathleen Lillaby.

Oh... and Ghost the Labrador took Best Baby Puppy Bitch over in the Gundog ring in her first proper All Breeds show!

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