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Narci is now officially an NZ Champion as well as a European Champion

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

This came while we were away at Nationals, so I'm thrilled to announce that our darling Narci is also now officially a NZ champion in addition to being a Greek Champion and a Greek Junior Champion.

Having been here only just over 6 months, this wee man has adjusted so well to a new country, a new family and a new pack. While his European type still throws a lot of local judges in the show ring, his pedigree, fabulous temperament and beautiful construction are a welcome addition to our lines and we are looking forward to seeing what he will produce for us.

Thanks again to his breeder George Apostolos from the prestigious Mystic Legion Kennels in Greece for entrusting me with such a beautiful dog. I'm sure he has lots to come as he matures.

Congratulations Greek Ch & NZ Ch Mystic Legion Narcissus

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