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Kyrie keeps up the Kitaco tradition of taking a Group win in her first shows!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Kyrie had her first shows this weekend at the Geraldine Country Kennel Association Shows. On Saturday she took the walk-through for Baby Puppy of Breed and demonstrated what an unmitigated (albeit hysterically funny) disaster it could be to have her walking in the Bitch lineup behind her mother,Nikita . She walked and tabled like a pro in the Baby Puppy class but bounded around the ring like a bunny overdosed on caffeine trying to catch mum in the Bitch lineup.

Time to call in reinforcements! Thanks to the expert help of Lilly the Cavalier and Matilda the Pug, we were able to have an impromptu training session after the show, where we discovered Kyrie loves roast chicken more than her mother.

On Day 2, armed with this newfound knowledge (plus lots of roast chicken), and with Kyrie deciding that it was kinda fun being a show dog, after all, our girl didn't just take the Baby Puppy of Breed win, but Best Bitch and then went on to take Best of Breed and then cleaned up Best Baby Puppy of Group under the expert eye of international judge, Dr Elizardo Valadez Franco from Mexico.

The cheer that went up around the ring for Kyrie's first Group win was amazing. She has a LOT of fans here in New Zealand.

Talking to Dr Franco after the show, he told us she was an excellent Chihuahua and a really lovely puppy. We then had to show her to his daughter in Mexico via video call.

Kyrie literally make a little Mexican girl squeal with her cuteness from across the globe.

Not a bad weekend for a little puppy.

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