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Milestone for Nikita

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The long weekend saw 4 All Breeds shows in and around Christchurch. Team Kitaco did us proud, as usual, with Narci taking two of the four Dog Challenges and Best of Breeds on offer. Kyrie had 3 great shows where she took Baby Puppy of Breed and had lots of fun charming the judges and the spectators, even if she does think it's more fun to dance around the ring, rather than walk.

Star of the weekend was the Queen of the Known Universe (in her opinion), Nikita, who, despite having dropped so much coat after her litter we are calling her "Niki No Fluff", took Reserve of Breed on Saturday to Narci and in the process, collected her 70th Championship Challenge. Hard to describe how proud we are of this fabulous girl.

Thanks to the organizers of both the North Canterbury Kennel Association and the McKenzie A&P Society. The grounds were great - the grass cut beautifully short, making it so easy for the small breeds to strut their stuff. I wish more people would enter the Fairlie Show. Such a pity so few breeds were represented in the Toy Group. It's a great little venue and the food is awesome. Also, probably the best takeaway coffee I've had in NZ.

Home now with our tired puppies. Glad we have a short break until the Ellesmere and Blenheim shows in May.

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