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Pet Expo Stars

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The annual Pet Expo at Pioneer Stadium in Christchurch happened over the weekend and our Kitaco kids helped out the Dominion Chihuahua Club by being loved, petted, kissed, mauled and over-fed on treats while we shared our club's love of the breed with the general public. At times we were 5 deep in people wanting to pat and gush over them. So remarkable how many people had either never seen a Chihuahua up close before, or thought they must be a different breed, because they expected Chihuahuas to be mean and snappy, not cheerful and happy to interact with so many strangers in a crowded stadium.

Our oldest pet boy Loki, led the charge, by being his fabulous, easy-going self. We call this guy our "gateway dog" because thanks to him we got addicted to Chihuahuas.

Fat Freddie (the dog in cahoots with the cats and our teenager - who he's decided is the best person in the whole world for leftovers - hence the reason Freddie is fat) did exactly what he was required to do to get more treats and not a waggy tail more.

Nikita showed everyone her "speak on command" trick she learned for the Legally Blonde ,The Musical production she starred in last year as "Bruiser". She also reminded people - when they obviously needed reminding - that she is the Queen of the Universe and they'd better not forget it. Also, my baby is here, so mind your manners!

Speaking of Niki's baby, Kyrie did spectacularly well in such a large crowded space, being cuddled and goo-ed over by hundreds of people who just adored her. Lost my voice, saying "No, she's not for sale!". She did amazingly well under very stressful conditions - not a whimper, a shake or a growl. So proud of her courage and great temperament.

Mexico melted hearts, just by being Mexico. "Side Tongue" is really adorable, and when you are cute, just want to be cuddled, can consume endless amounts of sausage and don't mind sticky-fingered toddlers trying to kidnap you, you're bound to be a hit. Reckon most of our "Gold Coin for a Chihuahua Cuddle" take for the club came from kids (and grownups) wanting to cuddle this fabulous little guy.

Finally, Poco, Susan Galbraith's little pocket rocket, caused much "squee-ing" and many "OMG! He's so adorable!" exclamations. He's quite a shy boy normally, but he was wonderful, putting up with all the gushing love and over-enthusiastic hugs with real aplomb. Smart boy, though. When he decided he was done, he just curled up in the back of the trolley out of reach and went to sleep, completely unperturbed by the noise, and let the others deal with it.

All in all, it was a great weekend for the Dominion Chihuahua Club and hopefully our guys helped get us some more members and lots more pups to play with at Playgroup.

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