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And now for a Fashion Parade...

Far from resting on their laurels after their great wins in Dunedin, Narci and Niki took to the catwalk tonight for the Pet Central Birthday Party and Fashion Show to celebrate the Hornby store's 5th anniversary.

As usual, our little stars took the whole thing in their stride, despite the noise and the 200 or so people in attendance. The announcer almost got Narci's name right (it's pronounced Nar-key nor Nar-see) and she called "Legally Blonde" "Totally Blonde", but neither of these oversights bothered the dogs or their handlers, Charly and Jaxyn Houtos.

Following the fashion parade, the dogs mingled with the crowd, got lots of cuddles and did their bit as ambassadors for our breed.

Another media gig to add to their growing resume of appearances.

More shots from the event:

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