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Busy weekend juggling shows... and shows

The Kitaco Team has been crazy busy this weekend juggling regular dog shows and our theatre gigs with Piff the Magic Dragon.

Despite the late night on Friday at the Piff show and the early start next day, Team Kitaco had a great time at Banks Peninsula A & P Society Shows at Mandeville. In Show 1 under Australian judge, Caroline Stuart, Tara took her very first CC and Reserve of Breed. Spencer proved his quality, yet again, by taking Best of Breed in the Smooth Coats and the Best Intermediate of Group, while Kyrie and Narci took the Reserve Bitch and Dog CC's respectively.

Spencer's group win turned out to be problematic, as we had to wait for the In-Show judging even though we were due at the theater in Christchurch for Nikita's performance as Mr Piffles, the World’s First Magic Performing Chihuahua™. It was a mad dash to get there on time, and we have to thank Casey and Alex from the NZ Chihuahua Rescue for taking Puppy Playgroup at Kuri for us, so we could get to the show on time.

Nikita performed brilliantly again as Mr Piffles despite the rush, and then put in another hour doing media interviews after the show. Home after midnight and it was up again at the crack of dawn to get back for the Banks Peninsula A & P Society Show 2.

Under Australian judge and GSD breeder, Rhonda Ralphs, it was Kyrie's turn to shine. She took the Bitch CC and Reserve of Breed. Thank goodness Narci and Kyrie were knocked out of Group contention by the Best and Reserve of Group, who both came from their classes.

Spenny took Best of Breed again, but the Intermediate of Group went to the Chinese Crested. We cheered so loudly at his win and actually hugged the Crested's owner afterward, we were so relieved that Spencer didn't go up, so could head home and get organised before the next Piff the Magic Dragon show.

The rest of the week doesn't look much better. Nikita and Spencer have a dog food commercial photo-shoot, we have a very special guest arriving from overseas, two other media interviews and the Nelson shows coming up next week. All this while settling in our new girl (stay tuned for details) and managing our new litter whose eyes are almost open.

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