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Lots of wins and new Team Kitaco Champion despite... fires and explosions!

Our first shows for a while this weekend at The Plains KA shows in Christchurch. Day 1 started with more excitement that anybody anticiapted when a car caught fire on the other side of the show rings. By the time the Fire Brigade arrived, sirens blaring, the tyres had exploded and we feared the nearby tree line was about to go up in flames. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the dogs in the car were rescued before the fire really took hold, but it was an interesting start to the day, to say the least, and a number of dogs closer to the explosions were rattled by the noise, the smoke and the sirens.

Once everything had settled down, we got into the show under Australian Judge, Beverley Daines. Narci (Gr CH Gr Jnr CH, NZ CH Mystic Legion Narcissus) took Reserve Best of Breed and Open of Breed, but was knocked out of Group contention by the Group winners. Kyrie (NZ CH Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior) had to settle for Reserve Best Bitch today, but the good news is that she was beaten by the sister of our newest recruit, Kaley (El-Toro Liv-N-Doll at Teddee). Can't wait for Kaley to join Kyrie (and her little sister) in the show ring and see how she does against such a strong field.

Also joining us this weekend was our favourite Nelson girl, Bubbles - or Baroness or Bee, depending on who you ask - (NZ CH Kitaco's Deevyne Inspiration) who did a great job and despite being pipped by Kyria and Kaley's little sister, still managed to take Best Junior of Breed.

Delilah (NZ CH Maraschino Princess Ala) redeemed herself by taking the Best Bitch CC, Best Junior of Breed and Best of Breed. Despite trying to make a meal of the judge in Auckland a couple of weeks ago, and being a little rattled by exploding tyres just prior to the show starting, she strutted around the ring like her old self and showed Spenny (RBISS, NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer at Kitaco) how it was done. Spenny took the Best Dog CC, Best Reserve of Breed and Best Intermediate of Breed.

Then we got to the Poms and it was Emma's (I Em Ma Duchess of Tribble) turn to strut her stuff. Not only did she take the Best of Breed and Best Junior of Breed but she also took the Best Bitch CC and is now (Dogs NZ approval pending) a New Zealand Champion! We can't thank her breeder, Trish Tribble, enough for letting this great little girl come down to visit us. The original plan was to send us a loaner to keep Tabitha (Tribble Witch with a Bee) company but she's settled in so well, we may just have to keep her here.

Day 2 and Emma was the most consistent performer, again taking Best of Breed and Best Junior of Breed in addition to the Best Bitch CC, proving yesterday's win wasn't a fluke

In the Smooth Coats, Spenny lifted his game and took Best of Breed, along with Best Intermediate of Breed and the Best Dog CC, although he was knocked out of Group contention by the Reserve of Group winner. Delilah showed her little heart out, and managed to take Reserve Best of Breed, Best Junior of Breed and the Best Bitch CC.

Today's judge clearly had a type she preferred in the long coats, and it wasn't us, so Narci had to settle for Reserve Best Dog and Best Open of Breed. Kyrie took Best NZ of Breed but lost to her little sister, Bubbles, who suprised us all by taking the Reserve Best Bitch.

All in all, exploding cars notwithstanding, it was a great show. It was lovely weather and we took 4 of the 6 Best of Breeds on offer in our breeds, 5 out of 6 Reserve Best of Breeds and we made up a new NZ Champion.

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