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Alice's Baby Puppy winning streak

Alice (Kitaco's Jappy Jalapeno) proved her Baby Puppy of Breed wins at her first 2 shows were no fluke this weekend by taking on some stiff competition at the Canterbury Junior Kennel Society shows and emerging victorious, yet again. That's 4 shows now and 3 Baby Puppy of Breed wins! What a star!

The rest of the Nelson Branch of Team Kitaco - expertly handled by the always amazing Auntie Amba and her partner Wolfe - came down for the shows and also did very well, in quite a large field. Toby (El-Toro Tobias at Teddee) took Reserve Best Dog and Best NZ Bred of Breed in both shows, while his sister Kaley (El-Toro Liv-in-Doll at Teddee) took Reserve Best Bitch and Best Junior of Breed. Duchess, as always, showed her little heart out, taking 2nd in the Best NZ Bred Bitch lineup on both days.

The smooth coats were the stand out stars this weekend, however. Delilah (NZ CH Maraschino Princess Ala) charmed the judge completely on the first day, taking Best of Breed, Best Bitch CC and Best Junior of Breed. Spencer (NZ CH El-Toro Resy Spencer at Kitaco) dominated the dog lineup, taking Best Dog CC, Best NZ Bred of Breed, but had to settle for Reserve Best of Bred, thanks to Delilah trying to jump into the judge's arms for a cuddle - talk about an unfair advantage! Our Spencer is not one to take defeat lying down, howevver, so on day 2, he clinched the Best of Breed with no trouble. Delilah was still good enough to take the Bitch CC, but her charms didn't work so well on the second judge. She still managed reserve Best of Breed though, so we're very proud of both our smoothies.

Busy weekend all 'round, with shows both days, Amba's birthday bash on Saturday night (couldn't believe how many people turned up for such an impromtu event!) and our delightful houseguest, Ren, came out to the show on Sunday to have a look around and check out the competition. Ren is supposed to not like men very much. He adores Alex. Not sure if this says something about Ren, or something about Alex...


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