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Ava - FCI Critique

The FCI show last weekend included critiques for all Best of Breed winners. We are delighted to report our Ava (NZ CH Kitaco Smashed Avacado), as the Best of Breed, Long Coat Chihuahua, was assessed as follows by FCI Judge, Peter Frost:

General Appearance


Excellent breed type with good musculation, in very good condition.



Scissor bite. Clear eyes with good expression and corret apple domed head.


Neck/front assembly, including withers/feet

Excellent front with legs parallel


Coat/everything in the middle

Good depth of chest

Hind Quarter

Angulation/taile set/feet

Moderate rear angulation.


Reach/drive, comin, going/topline

Sound movement with good reach and drive. Level topline on the move.

Not bad for a little moppet.

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