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Ben Does it Again - 2 More Best Intermediate of Groups at Ashburton

There is just no stopping Ben at the moment. Despite the stinking hot weather, the Benster took a Best of Breed, a Reserve of Breed, 2 Best Dog CCs and 2 Best Intermediate of Groups at the Ashburton Kennel Association shows, this weekend.

Day one, which started out quite cool and cloudy, saw Kitaco make a clean sweep, with Ben taking Best of Breed, Ava taking Reserve Best of Breed, Best Bitch and NZ Bred of Breed, Narci taking Best Open of Breed and little Serena taking Best Baby Puppy of Breed.

Day two was an entirely different matter. The sun was scorching right from the get go, so the heavily coated dogs flagged a little in the heat. Ben still took the Best Dog CC and Reserve Best of Breed, but the other floofs (Ava and Narci) didn't fare so well. Serena just toddled around the ring like a pro and took Best Baby Puppy of Breed again.

So all in all, a good weekend, we took 3 of the 4 CC's on offer, a Best of Breed, 2 Reserve Best of Breeds and 2 Best Intermediate of Groups.

And we got home in time to go shopping. Tracey is heading off to Australia this week to do some specialist reproductive training with her Repro Team from Shirley Vets, so of course... new wardrobe!

Thanks the to Ashburton Committee for some great shows, for having short grass in the rings and a special thanks to Haley for stepping in as a handler at the last moment.

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Well done to all the kitcao team fantastic weekend for all

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