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Guess What Happened in Gore?

Despite gale force winds on day 1 and a gusty downpour on day 2, we had the most outstanding time in Gore for the Gore & Districts Kennel Association Shows.

We took some of the Long Coat team (Narci, Nikita and baby Alice) down to support our honarary Team Kitaco member, Ren, so he could catch up with his mum, Tanith, for a visit, We also had Astro the Pom in tow for his first shows in the South Island, as well as Spencer doing his bit for the Smooth Coats.

Our results were fabulous. Narci (GR CH, GR JNR CH, NZ CH Mystic Legion Narcissus (Imp Greece)) took Best of Breed, the Best Dog CC and Best Open of Breed in all three shows and was shortlisted in the top 4 in the Group lineup under Japanese FCI judge, Mr Sei-Ichiro Ishimaru . Not only that, our wonderful Greek boy earned his 50th NZ Championship Certificate. He is such an outstanding example of his breed, a born showman and a fabulously confident little dog to work with. We are thrilled he is so often recognised by judges both local and international, gales, rain or shine.

Nikita, (NZ CH Elvidivino Senoriata Nikita) back in the ring after her maternity leave, proved she's still a star, taking her 74th and 75th Championship Certificates, Best Reserve of Breed, Best Bitch and Best NZ Bred of Breed in both shows on Day 1, Nikita didn't show on Sunday because it was raining.

Princess Nikita does not do raining .

Ren (Salinacruz Renaisance) took Junior of Breed in both Saturday shows, but seemed to share Nikita's opinion about the weather on Sunday. Apparently, Prince Ren doesn't do raining, either.

Little Alice (Kitaco Jappy Jalapeno) charmed everyone, of course, and blew us away by taking Best Puppy of Breed in all three shows, Reserve Best Bitch in both shows on Day 1, then taking Reserve Best of Breed and the Best Bitch CC in the rain on Sunday. Such a little trouper, she trotted around the ring in the rain like it was a walk in the park.

Spenny (NZ CH E-Toro Rey Spencer at Kitaco) took Best of Breed, the Best Dog CC and Best NZ Bred of Breed, in both shows on Saturday, but the weather was so awful, wet and cold on Sunday, we took pity on him and scratched him from the event. He was quite happy to join Nikita and Ren in the "I don't do shows in the rain" club.

Astro (Tribble Astronomicl at Ktrio) in his very first outings with us, took the Pom breed by storm, taking Best of Breed, the Best Dog CC and Best Open of Breed in all three shows (even in the rain) as well, leaving us with the unexpected but delightful problem of 3 Best of Breed winners for the Group lineup and only 2 handlers.

We were thrilled to be rescued from this awkward situation by the amazing Desiree Hanson (pictured below with her stunning Show 1 Best in Show winning Lagotto, Floyd) - who despite having to manage her own prize-winnng team of Glenstar Labradors and Lagottos, jumped on the end of Astro's lead and walked him out in the Toy Group for us. She did such a great job, we're trying to concoct more flimsy excuses to get her on the end of a Toy Group lead and do some work with the Chihuahuas. Can't thank her enough for her expert assistance, or her mum, Betty, for her generous babysitting of Alice who she kept tucked into her jacket, ringside, to protect her from the rain and wind.

As if the fab time we had at the shows wasn't enough, we had the great honour to be invited to stay over the weekend with Robyn-Jane, Allanya, Charly, the girls, at her wonderful family retreat in Lumsden. Long time since any of us have sat around a piano for a concert by the astoundingly talended Robyn-Jane. Ending the night with a series of piano duets by Robyn-Jane and Jenny (who do a pretty mean improv version of Chopsticks, it has to be said) was something none of us will forget in a hurry!

Home now. dealing with the bizarre 20' temperature difference (cold, wet and 17'C in Gore to 37'C in North Canterbury) and unpacking the car so we can load up again for Dunedin next week. And we need a new gazebo. Those gale force winds were not kind to our gazebo, but that's another story.


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