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Kitaco dominates in 2022's first Chi Speciality show

What a fabulous day we had at the Dominion Chihuahua Club Inc Open Show at McLeans Island. We had the full team entered, including the oldies (and the fatties - we're looking at you Poco) who came out of retirement for the event.

Flinty McGinty (NZ CH Bramver's Twilight (Imp Japan)), our gorgeous Japanese boy, took Best in Show, Best Open in Show, Best of Breed and Best Dog. He is such a pro, you would never guess he hadn't been near a show ring in months.

Hot on his heels was our homegrown superstar, Ava (NZ CH Kitaco Smashed Avacado), who took Reserve Best in Show, Best Junior in Show, Reserve Best of Breed and Best Bitch, thanks in no small part to the expert handling of Handler Extraordinaire, Alanya Caldwell, and her equally talented daughter, Tilly.

But they weren't our only triumphs!

Ava's baby sister, Briar (Kitaco Briar Rose), owned and handled by Casey Walters, took Best Puppy in Show as well as Best Puppy of Breed and Reserve Best Bitch. For a dog in only her third show (and the last one was in May 2021!!!), she was an absolute pro and really gave her big sister a run for her money.

Not to be outdone, Alice (Kitaco Jappy Jalapeño) stepped up and took Best Intermediate in Show. That just left Nikita (NZ CH Eldivino Señorita Nikita), to take Best Veteran in Show in her very first outing as a Veteran.

In the Smooth coats, Spenny (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer at Kitaco) took Best of Breed, Best NZ Bred of Breed and Best Dog in the capable hands of Alex Coker.

Surprise of the day was, Mexico (NZ CH Eldivino Señor Mexico) who hasn't been in a show ring in years (he prefers his work as a Therapy Dog for Canine Friends) who amazed us all by behaving like a real show dog and won Reserve Best Dog behind Flint and then Best NZ Bred in Show. This was probably another case of what we're now calling the "Caldwell Effect", as he was handled by expert Junior Handler, Tilly Caldwell, who just seemed to know what to do to make a dog who prefers to roll on his back for belly rubs in the ring, rather than stand for the judge, do what he was meant to do for a change. Thank you, so much, Tilly! You are a legend.

Our favourite of the day, however, was Tinky, in her very first show, who not only took Best NZ Bred Bitch, but she was handled by 7-year-old Paige, in her very first show, too. What a team they made! Judge, Carrrie Tolley, was so impressed with her skills, that immediately after the show, she swooped on Page's dad and Nana to recruit Page and her little sister, Shelby, for the Junior Handlers.

And speaking of Junior Handlers, Tilly, not surprisingly, took first place in the Junior Handler event, While 5-year old Shelby handling Poco, took first place in the Child Handlers with Paige and a very tried Tinky out for her third show of the day, taking second place. Feel very sorry for their Nana, as those girls went home with ribbons and they now are thoroughly hooked on dog showing. Sorry about that, Deb.

Thank you, also, to the amazing Jorja Dixon, for her fabulous photos. As usual, as well as the official photos, she took some great candid shots we'll be sharing over the next few days of our beautiful Kitaco family.


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