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Kitaco's Fabulous FCI Results

Sunday marked the latest FCI show to be held in New Zealand, so of course, we headed off to see how our furkids fared under the FCI rules. We're delighted to report they did brilliantly, with all the Kitaco dogs achieving an Excellent grading, and little Stella achieving a Very Promising grade, which is the highest grade awarded to Puppies under the FCI rules.

Under Australian judge, Mr Peter Frost, Ben was awarded an Excellent grading in the Intermediate class and won the Best Dog and the CACIB automatically, as he was the only Long Coat Chihuahua in the classes elegible for a CACIB, to achieive an Excellent grading (only dogs rated Excellent are eligible for a CACIB award.). No mean feat when you realise that the Chihuahuas were the largest breed entry in Group 9. This marks Ben's 2nd CACIB at an FCI show.

Tinky was entered in the Open Class and was also awarded an Excellent grading which we were thrilled about.

Ava was entered in the Champion Class. The judge's exact comment on awarding her the class was "That looks like an Excellent to me!"

Ava won Best Bitch and the CACIB and went on to win the Best of Breed, with Ben taking Best Opposite of Breed, which marks the second FCI show where Kitaco has taken both CACIBs and both Best of Breed awards, so we're pretty chuffed about that.

Our surprise winner of the day, however, was Narci, who we pulled out of retirement to enter the Veteran class. Narci not only won Best Veteran of Breed and the Veteran CACIB but went on to with the Best Veteran in Group as well!

Narci has been the core of our kennels and our Foundation Sire. It is so gratifying that not only is he still good enough to win as a veteran, but Ava and Stella are his daughters, while Ben and Tinky are his grandchildren. It's a great legacy to have all his descendants rated as Excellent.


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