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Team Kitaco's Crazy Weekend

There is never a dull moment here and this last weekend ran very true to form.

We had 4 shows, a litter of puppies, lots of houseguests from both the North Island and Nelson (so planes to meet and catch on top of everything else!), Puppy Playgroup for the Chihuahua Club and a vet on call who also had several emergencies totally unrelated to dogs shows or Chihuahuas.

Star performer of the weekend (other than Bubbles who gave us four gorgeous puppies) was the ever reliable Spenny (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer) who not only took all 4 Best of Breeds, but cleaned up in the silverware department, too. Handler Alex did a stellar job with Spenny who just never lets us down.

Ava (Kitaco Smashed Avacado) - as she is wont to do - took another Reserve Best of Breed, another Best Bitch, and yet another Bitch CC.

Lady (AUS CH, NZ CH Nightwood Tsarina of Alucard (IMP AUST)), our spectacular Russian Toy, took 3 Best of Breeds and a Junior of Group, but with puppies just born we decided to scratch her from one of the shows. Amba, who co-owns Lady and Bubbles with us, believes - as we do - that puppies are far more important than ribbons and was happy to take on puppy watch for the critical 24 hour post-whelping period, even if it meant giving another chance for a Group win.

Last but not least was our adorable and frustrating Pom. Tribble Quentin Qarantino, or as we fondly refer to him, Quentin the Goldfish. Quentin is a beautiful example of his breed but he is also a bit of a muppet and we never know from one show to the next if he is going to be a fabulous show dog, or a complete dork. We got the full range from him this weekend which went from a Best of Breed and a Best Dog CC to us throwing our hands up and telling the judge "not today!". Good thing he's so cute,

Thanks so much to Casey and Alex for their Spenny handling, Adrian, Amba and Fleur for their expert puppy catching and Lavinia for her expert eye and fabulous insight into the mysterious world of conformation dog show judging.

With a luck the coming week will be much less eventful.


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